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Yoni Tightening Pearl

Yoni Tightening Pearl

Vagina tightening capsule works by lubricating and toning the inner vaginal walls. It enhances the ability to draw and secret your own natural lubricants. It stimulates the bartholon glands to release estrogen, helping to restore lubrication, solving the dryness problems

- 0.5g/grain/bag


1 grain in 1 aluminum foil bag or as buyer's requirements.

- Customized label and packaging service available by


Shelf life: 2 years


Nice & Tight bags were designed to get you right, in that moment of passion will be a hell of a fight that will have you both sleeping like a baby that night.

Inside, you will find Yoni soap with a towelett to clean your Queen, two tightening Yoni pearls and lubricant just in case it gets too tight.

BONUS: 1 Male Honey pack just to make sure he can keep!

Yoni Pearl Benefits

Balance the environment of the vaginal flora;

- Anti-inflammatory, anti-infective;

- Adjust the ph balance of the private part;

To moist the dryness vaginal;

- Improve and increase the elastic fiber in the vagina;

Activate the activity of the private parts cells;

- Remove and exclude old metabolic cells from the vaginal

wall of the private part, maje the vaginal more tightening.

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